Power Electronics Design includes:

      - PFC front ends

      - DC/DC isolated converters

      - DC/DC non-isolated converters

      - Power range from fraction of a Watt, up to 50kW modules

      - High Voltage power converters

      - Ultra Low voltage power converters

      - Resonant high efficiency converters

      - Three phase high efficiency rectifiers

      - Matrix converters

      - Inverters and UPS modules


Building and testing prototypes includes:

      - Electrical design

      - Circuit simulation converters

      - PCB layout

      - Mechanical design

      - Thermal calculations

      - Building the hardware

      - Hardware test and verification

      - Release to manufacturing


Electronic Circuits Simulation includes:

      - Spice based simulations

      - Matlab based simulations

      - Control loop analysis and stabilization.


Magnetics Design:

      - Magnetics efficiency analysis

      - Flux density analysis

      - Losses analysis


FPGA and DSP Design

      - Design of digital control systems

      - Design and Matlab simulation of digital close loop systems

      - VHDL design for FPGA

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